Plastic Squezzing Dryer

Plastic Film Squeezing & Pelletizing Machine is used for drying those washed film, woven bags etc. and make it like granules. After that, the granules can put into the extruder directly.

Product Details

Product Description

Plastic film squeezing pelletizing machine is a full automatic squeezing & pelletizing machine to the film and woven bags, with the screw squeezing and electrical heating, make the materials have high degree of drying and full plasticizing, low power consumption, high output. The final moisture is only 3-5%. The capacity would be customized according to the requests of clients.

In the waste plastic film recycling industry, the washed films retain more than 30% water content as usual. With such high moisture content during the plastic recycling process, it would become inefficient and difficult to granulate the washed filmswith good quality. The lower moisture, the higher quality and efficiency for pelletizing. So a dewatering machine with good efficiency is very important. That’s why SEVENSTARS MACHINERY FACTORY launched the plastic film squeezing pelletizing machine.

Main features of the PP PE film squeezing dryer machine:

The PP PE film squeezing machine adopt screw pushing pressing and heating plasticizing theory to remove and dry wet film flakes from the PE PP film and bags washing recycling machines. It could apply for plastic PE PP film, agriculture film, PP raffia woven bags, woven sack, jumbo bag, and other plastic film material drying. It is a kind idea equipment to realize removing and drying the wet film quickly.

The machine equipment special alloy steel screw and barrel, hard teeth gearbox, net, cutter and blowing system, which is a kind of automatic machine to dry the PE HDPE LDPE LLDPE PP PET film efficiently.

Because of adopting screw squeezing and electric heating both drying way, it could remove the moisture high efficient, good plastic plasticizing and with high capacity.

The squeezer is easy to operate and maintenance, drying perform excellent, could make the final material moisture level lower than 3%, which is a real ideal product for plastic recycling business, especially good help for material next granulating to improve the capacity.

The capacity of the squeezer could be customized.

Advantages of PP PE film squeezing dryer machine:

  1.  Unique screw squeezing design removing moisture theory, solving the common problem that it is hard to dry the wet film during the plastic film drying recycling field.
  2.  Good drying performance, could make the final moisture level lower than 3%.
  3.  Advantage technology, lower power consumption, lower noisy, easy operating and maintenance, safe running and high cost performance.
  4.  Mechanical squeezing dewatering way, comparing with the traditional centrifugal and hot air drying dewatering way, could save space and energy much more.


It is applicable to agricultural film, Post consume film, municipal solid waste separation film, PP woven bag, PP jumbo bag, etc.


Product Parameter

Capacity (kg/hour)300500600-7001000
Main motor power (kw)7590/110132185
Pelletizing motor (kw)345.55.5
Screw barrel size (mm)250300330380