Plastic Agglomerator 

Plastic Film Agglomerator is a device that directly crush discarded thermoplastic film and products with a wall thickness less than 2 mm. It can particle discarded products or films of soft PVC, high and low pressure PE, PP, PVC, PET, etc, film, bag fiber and other thermoplastic plastics or waste products of foaming polystyrene. The grain material made by this machine can be directly used by extruder. Strict products can also be molded by extrusion granuder and used after granulation. Blade can be disassembly, it is easy to clean and maintenance.

Product Details

Product Description


PE/PP films, Fiber, PP woven bags


Product Parameter

ModelVolume (L)Motor power (KW)Rotary knifeFix knifeRPMOutput (kg/hour)
GHX800800110 or 13248750550