PET Bottle Recycling Plant

This PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line is mainly used to recycling the waste PET bottles, PET sheet, PET packing containers and other PET material; include the PVC Label Remover machine, Sorting system, PET Crusher machine, Flakes floating washing tank, Hot Washing system, Frication washing system, dewatering machinery and fin dust label separator machine, hot air drying system and the Packing system; We can manufacturing the production line acco rding to the customer requirement and final flakes quality requirements; The Recycled PET flakes, PET material mainly used for the fiber production and other related PET products; This production line is high automatic operating and save labor cost and low after maintenance. Our machinery is widely used in domestic and abroad in many countries;

Product Details

Product Description


1. We have the Bale opening and feeding system which and equally feeding the material save labor;
2. You can use the manually sorting system to selecting out different color bottles and non-PET material;
3- Metal detector is optional for you which used to take out any kind of metal from the PET bottles;
4- Specially designed PET bottle Crusher Machine can easily get high output and with water doing wet grinding can extension the blades use life, reduce the dust generation;
5- High speed Dewatering machine and the drying system can guarantee the final PET flakes moisture <1%.
6- The Fin dust separator machine will remove the final labels from the flakes to guarantee the PVC content.


It is applicable to different type of PET bottle ,such as oil PET Bottle ,drinking bottle and carbonated PET bottle ,juice bottle and PET strip etc.

Product Parameter

Capacity (kg/h)300-5001000-15003000
Total installed power (kw/h)100-150300-350600-650
Water consumption
(should be recycling use) (ton/h)
Labour required 5-66-88-10