Hydraulic Baler

GL series double shaft shredder is popular size reduction machine used for different type of soft plastic, such as PE film and PP Jumbo bag and PP woven bag and so on; the machine has very high capacity, it is very effective machine for recycling different type of soft plastic scraps; The screen mesh size is determined by the ended user, the ended user can get different size of waste plastic scraps.

Product Details

Product Description


This series machine mainly is used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, wood, etc. It is designed as vertical structure, hydraulic Transmission, electrical control and manual binding. Usually the pressure force of this series is from 10 ton KN to 60 ton KN, the efficiency is 4 ~ 6 pieces per hour. The weight of each piece is from 30 Kg to 300 Kg according to the material. Also, we can produce the machine according to the requirement from customer.

  1. Automatic control mode, safety interlock switch.
  2. Press plate uses the guide to make balance and prevent tip effectively.
  3. Emergency stop button is installed independently, can stop at any time to ensure safety.
  4. Monitor prompts working conditions and can effectively monitor the operation of the machine.


  1. Paper and carton box.
  2. PE film.
  3. Different type of plastic bottle and barrel and container.
  4. Different type of waste cloth.
  5. Different type of waste metal.
  6. And others.


Product Parameter

ModelHydraulic Oil CylinderMotor Powder (kw)Bale Size (cm)Machine Size (cm)Weigh (kg)
10 ton single1157.580*40*80150*70*270500
20 ton single1407.580*40*80150*70*280550
30 ton single1601180*40*80150*70*280600
30 ton double11511100*60*80175*85*280700
40 ton single18011100*60*80175*85*280750
40 ton double14011100*60*80175*85*280800
60 ton double16015120*80*100170*100*3201300
80 ton double18018.5120*80*100175*110*3301450
100 ton double18022120*80*100175*110*3301600