Fabric Cutting Machine/ Textile Industrial Waste Plastic Cutting Machine With Twisted Blades

The working principle is like a scissors, adopt with rotating twisted knife design, with application of international leading oblique knob scroll meet the shear design of point moving knife and fixed knife, continuous high-speed shear.

Product Details

Product Description

Take model 3200F for example, the blades length is 1600mm, with 8 pieces rotary blades, 2 pieces stationary blades, ,each round rotating means 16 times cutting, the rotary blades is around 200-300 rpm, totally means 3200-4800 times cutting per mintue.
The discharge port is designed with removable sieve mesh, mesh size can be customized, mini to 2mm, fully meet your different and nuniform discharge size request.


Our cutting machine is designed especially for all soft type materials recycling cutting, the blades design and working principles is like a scissors, capacity and discharge size can be customized.

  1. Bags/plastic films/strips: Jumbo bags / PP bags / woven & non-woven bags / plastic bags (PP PE PVC ect.. as long as they are soft bags), plastic films.
  2. Textile scraps: Quilting edges ,threads, yarns, Clothes (Underwear scrap,jeans,towel,cap scraps,non-woven fabrics,cotton fabrics), Shoes Scraps etc.
  3. Fibers: Glass fiber, fiber yarn, Hemp fiber, Coconut fiber, Polypropylene fiber ,polyester fiber, Silk fiber, etc.
  4. Foams: Sponge/mattress scraps /flexible PU foam / EPS foam / XPS foam /Rock wool foam / glass wool foam / EPE foam / Cotton , silk cotton etc.
  5. Others: Leather /Carpet / Papers / books /cardboard / plant straw / fish net / ropes etc.

Product Parameter

Main motor (kw)7.51518.511
Motor for feeding conveyor (kw)
Gearbox model100#120#125#135#
Gearbox ratio15:115:1/31:115:1/31:115:1/31:1
Motor wheel diameter (mm)Φ100Φ140Φ120Φ140
Rotor diameter (mm)Φ300Φ400Φ500Φ600
In-feeding belt conveyor (mm)1400*3303000*5203000*7203000*1100
Discharge belt conveyor (mm)1400*3303000*5203000*7203000*1100
Material of rotary bladeSKD-11 Alloy material SKD-11 Alloy material SKD-11 Alloy material SKD-11 Alloy material
Material of fixed bladeSKD-11 Alloy material SKD-11 Alloy material SKD-11 Alloy material SKD-11 Alloy material
Cutting size adjustableadjustableadjustableadjustable
Production capacity (kg/h)450-750800-12002000-30003000-5000