Double Shaft Shredder

GL series two-shaft shredder is a low speed and high torque industrial shredder, it is saving energy. This dual shearing shredder does not have a screen unit. After material is fed into the hopper, material is handled using two counter rotating blades, then directly discharged. Although the output particle size is random, the two shaft shredder features a faster shredding speed and a higher throughput than other shredders.

Product Details

Product Description

The industrial shredder can be custom tailored to suit your material and requirements to ensure maximum economic and production benefits. The reducer and rotor utilize Germany standard DIN5480, and a Siemens PLC control offers automatic detection and overload protection. The features is that the large transmission torque, reliable connections, low rotation speed, low noise and low maintenance cost.


Organic waste, tires, plastic drums, metal drums, e-waste, car shell, metal materials.

Product Parameter

ModelMotor power (kw)Main blade rotation diameter (mm)Main blade materialMain blade quantity (pcs)Equipment weight (kg)
GL6002x15250 or customizedH13/V6/SKD-1115 or customized2500
GL8002x30340 or customizedH13/V6/SKD-1120 or customized3200
GL10002x30400 or customizedH13/V6/SKD-1125 or customized4200
GL12002x30450 or customizedH13/V6/SKD-1130 or customized5200
GL14002x37450 or customizedH13/V6/SKD-1135 or customized6500
GL16002x45500 or customizedH13/V6/SKD-1140 or customized7800