Introduction to the working process of PET mineral water bottle recycling crushing and cleaning line equipment

Waste PET plastic recycling is to use waste plastic PET mineral water bottle flakes to recycle, clean and granulate production line equipment to produce PET powder after crushing, cleaning, drying, heating and plasticizing, stretching, cooling, granulating and processing, to make PET-related products.

However, PET bottles can only be used once, which reduces the plasticity of PET plastics, so it is necessary to develop a new type of PET plastic recycling machine.

Waste plastic PET mineral water bottle flake recycling and cleaning line equipment is the equipment for sorting, peeling, crushing, cleaning, dehydrating, drying and recycling PET (polyester) plastics such as waste mineral water bottles, coke bottles, PET plastic bottles and so on. Mainly PET bottle flakes crushing, cleaning, dehydration, drying production line, is a fully automatic production line. Waste plastic PET mineral water bottle flake recycling cleaning line equipment can use PET bottles, after crushing, cleaning and drying, can meet the requirements of clean flake materials, and can be directly drawn (granulated) into PET related products. Mechanical equipment has a high degree of automation. In the cleaning process, we can complete the whole process of bottle crushing, washing and dehydration.

With such waste plastic PET mineral water bottle flake recycling and cleaning line equipment, it is no longer a problem for the unified treatment of plastic waste after recycling. Its ability to directly and fully automatically process waste can save a lot of labor for the global plastic bottle pollution treatment, and finally The output is flakes and pellets that can be directly reprocessed. It can be said that “grass is eaten and milk is squeezed out”!

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