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Suit for recycling Waste PET bottles,
include Water bottles, Soft drinks bottles,
Oil bottles,PE bottles/Milk bottles, PP bottles, etc.
plastic recycling machine manufacturer

PET bottle washing recycling line

PET material is one of the few thermoplastics that can be upcycled to achieve resin-like quality through SSP treatment. Today, post-consumer bottle flakes are successfully used for food-contact packaging, high-IV strapping bands, and filaments. Bottle-to-bottle recycling requires the highest standards in …

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Zhangjiagang Sevenstars machinery, After fifteen years of development, we have grown up to a middle scale company in china plastic industry, as a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer.


Kazakhstan Plastic and rubber show

Booth No.:10A12
Date: 30/11/2016—02/12/2016
Address: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan


Booth No.:1B110-3
Date: 8/01/2017-10/01/2017
Address: Dubai


Booth No.:2750
Address: Mexico city. Mexico


Unlocking Profitability: The Commercial Value of PP/PE Bottle Washing and Recycling Production Lines

In the global pursuit of sustainable business practices, recycling has become a cornerstone for industries looking to reduce their environmental impact. Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) bottles, widely used for packaging, present both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses. The commercial value of PP/PE bottle washing and recycling production lines is increasingly evident, offering

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Can agricultural film be recycled?

Agricultural films mainly include mulch film and shed film. The mulch film is mainly PE film, and the shed mold includes PE, PE/EVA, and PVC films. When recycling and recycling, PE and PVC films should be distinguished. Agricultural films are generally dirty and It often contains soil, sand, grass roots, iron nails, iron wires, etc.

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Introduction to the working process of PET mineral water bottle recycling crushing and cleaning line equipment

Waste PET plastic recycling is to use waste plastic PET mineral water bottle flakes to recycle, clean and granulate production line equipment to produce PET powder after crushing, cleaning, drying, heating and plasticizing, stretching, cooling, granulating and processing, to make PET-related products. However, PET bottles can only be used once, which reduces the plasticity of

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