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Suit for recycling Waste PET bottles,
include Water bottles, Soft drinks bottles,
Oil bottles,PE bottles/Milk bottles, PP bottles, etc.
plastic recycling machine manufacturer

PET bottle washing recycling line

PET material is one of the few thermoplastics that can be upcycled to achieve resin-like quality through SSP treatment. Today, post-consumer bottle flakes are successfully used for food-contact packaging, high-IV strapping bands, and filaments. Bottle-to-bottle recycling requires the highest standards in …

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Zhangjiagang Sevenstars machinery, After fifteen years of development, we have grown up to a middle scale company in china plastic industry, as a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer.


Kazakhstan Plastic and rubber show

Booth No.:10A12
Date: 30/11/2016—02/12/2016
Address: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan


Booth No.:1B110-3
Date: 8/01/2017-10/01/2017
Address: Dubai


Booth No.:2750
Address: Mexico city. Mexico


Sustainable Solutions: Sevenstarsplas PVC Pellets Hot-Cutting Pelletizing Line and Environmental Responsibility

As the global spotlight on sustainability intensifies, Sevenstarsplas steps up to the challenge with its PVC Pellets Hot-Cutting Pelletizing Line, presenting an eco-friendly solution for the plastic manufacturing industry. Waste Reduction through Precision: The die-face hot-cutting method employed by Sevenstarsplas’ pelletizing line plays a pivotal role in waste reduction. By ensuring precise granulation, the line

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Unleashing Efficiency: Sevenstarsplas PVC Pellets Hot-Cutting Pelletizing Line

In the dynamic world of plastic manufacturing, Sevenstarsplas introduces a game-changer with its PVC Pellets Hot-Cutting Pelletizing Line. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to transform the processing of rigid PVC, soft PVC, and waste PVC materials, offering a revolutionary die-face hot-cutting method with pneumatic conversion and strong-wind blowing. Precision in Granulation: One standout feature of

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The Evolution of Plastic Crushers: Milestones in Crushing Technology

Plastic crushers, integral to the field of recycling and waste management, have undergone a remarkable evolution driven by technological advancements and a growing emphasis on sustainable practices. From humble beginnings to sophisticated machinery, the journey of plastic crushers is a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of efficient waste processing. This article explores

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